Posted: March 8, 2012

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FEF:  Fef Explores Filmmaking

This is a blog for independent filmmakers who concentrate on feature film production.

What’s different here? There are many excellent blogs, websites, and newsletters that write about the opportunities that the Internet and Social Media present to production, distribution, marketing, and fundraising for filmmakers, many of which will be documented and explored in this blog. 

But FEF will explore these opportunities exclusively from the POV of the independent director. 

Who am I kidding?  I’m going to explore these things from the POV of a web novice. I’ve been studying Social & New Media Marketing at UCLA this past year with the great Beverly Macy and the facile Karl Kasca but honestly, I had to hire that know-it-all Margaret Hernandez (The Anroma Group) just to figure out what key I had to press to upload this entry to my blog, not to mention how to remove the Latin discourse on said blog put there by my talented web developer, Melissa Castellano.  

Not to mention that that know-it-all Margaret Hernandez will tutor me in tweeting tomorrow, just hours before I depart for South by Southwest to concentrate on Film & Interactive; and from where I will attempt to independently blog, tweet, make web videos & to upload them, all for the very first time.

I had tweeted to my teacher, the great Beverly Macy, telling her about my maiden voyage to blog from SXSW and she wrote back within a millisecond to congratulate me. What could I do but offer to do something for her, like she taught us in SMMUCLA 1071, and so I wrote back offering to blog for her from SX.  A day and a half later, I’m still waiting for a response and you just know she read it right away. 

But I look upon this kind of thing as yet another lesson, teaching me that with Twitter, I can ignore someone just the same as I do with email.  Soon, with all my tutoring, I’ll be able to ignore people on email, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and my blog, making a total of 4 new skills I will have learned in Social Media in one short week. Just wait till I turn pro…


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